Europavorhersage - 11.11.2023
Snow for Northern Europe. Rain in west
Central regions dry & sunny, night frosts

Issued: 0730hrs Friday 10th November 2023
Duty forecaster: John Kings

Snow for Northern and Central areas of Norway, Finland, Sweeden and Baltic coasts. Rain western France, SW England and Eire, Greece, Bulgaria & Turkey Central regions dry & sunny, night frosts

A weakening area of low pressure over southern North Sea extending south to the Alps will give a mix of sunny spells and proloned often heavy showers especially over France Denmark, Belgium and the Netherlands. Temperatures 5 to 10degC Atlantic weather fronts will give prolonged periods of rain through west and central France, to northern Spain and Portugal. Temperatures below 0degC for most of Scandinavia and Baltic with snow in the north and rain through Estonia, Lativia to Ukraine. Temperatures -5 in north to 5degC Sunshine and showers for eastern Italy to Greece. Temperatures 15 to 20degC Rain continuing through southwest France overnight, outbreak of snow easing in southern Finland. Elsewhere a dry and generally clear night with temperature below 0degC in Austriaand Switzerland. Showers easing across the Mediterranean becoming confined to coasts.

A deepening area of low pressure over eastern Ukraine will give cloudy condition with rain at first on Sunday before moving away eastwards during the day. Continuing outbreaks of a mix of snow and rain for Baltic coasts, southern Sweden and Denmark. Temperatures 5 to 10DegC. Rain over western and southwestern France will ease to leave a mostly dry and sunny afternoon, temperatures 12 to 15degC. Germany through to Austria to Turkey dry with sunny spells and temperatures between 15 and 20degC.

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