Europavorhersage - 18.11.2023
Rain central southeast Europe
Sunny south,cold north

Issued: 0530hrs Saturday 18th November 2023
Duty forecaster: John Kings

Changeable over weekend for Central Europe

With an anticyclone extending from Norway to Russia and a secondary centre over Norway neigbouring countries of Sweeden and Finland, including all Baltic countries and Poland will be dry with temperatures remaining well below 0C or briefly rising to 2C during the afternoon with sunshine. Sub-zero temperatures return into the evening. Cloud and rain for northern France and across the Low Countries during the morning. Showers and sunny spells will then follow through the afternoon. Cloud and rain continues into Germany, Austria and Czechia, though becoming patchy through the afternoon. Continuing dry and sunny for Spain,Portugal, southern France and Italy to Greece. The eastern Mediterranean, Greek Island and Turkey a mixture of sunshine and showers. Altantic fronts associated with a depression tracking across Scotland will bring cloud and rain for England and Wales into Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark Denmarkand northern France.

A cloudy start with some prolonged outbreak of rain during the morning for Germany to Switzerland and Austria to with snow across Alpine regions. Rain will clear through the afternoon to give sunny spells and showers. A mix of sunshine and showers for Turkey. Dry and sunny for Portugal, Spain Central and south France to Italy and eastern Mediterranean temperatures. A mix of rain and showers continue for Greek Islands and eastern Mediterranean associated with a large area of low pressure which is gradually filling. Staying dry across Norway to Finland. Showers will move into and across southern areas of Norway,Denmark and Sweeden. Showers will be a mixture of rain and snow for many of the Baltic coastal areas. A mix of sunny spells and showers for British Isles and northern France.

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