Europavorhersage - 04.03.2023
Cold north
West turning more mixed

Issued: 0530hrs Saturday 4th March 2023
Duty forecaster: Alexi Venerus

Settled through much of northern and central Europe.

Staying settled across Spain and Portugal with plenty of sunshine. Sunny and dry for the Balearics too. Staying unsettled with heavy showers and longer spells of rain across southern areas of mainland Italy as well as the islands. Greece and into northern Turkey also seeing heavy showers, possibly thundery.
Staying chilly and dry yet breezy across northern Europe. Some patchy rain still affecting northeast Poland with blustery winds here. Dry and largely fine also across the Alpine regions.
Staying settled across Denmark. Windy still through Norway and Sweden. Continuous snow showers across Norway. Snow also across the Baltics where there will be a considerable wind too. Chilly though mostly dry across Finland.

Cloudy with showery rain pushing across much of Portugal into western and some central regions of Spain. Dry with sunny spells further east. A dry and fine day still for the Balearics. Developing sunny spells across Italy though still with a few scattered showers about, mainly across the southwest and Sicily. Cloudy with showery rain to continue to affect Greece and Turkey.
Dry and fine across France with plenty of sunshine about. Showery rain affecting the Low Countries into parts of Germany. Mostly dry through Switzerland though showers will affect Austria. Largely dry with sunny spells down the Balkan States. Cold and windy across Poland with some showery rain.
A drier day for Denmark and less windy. Snow showers continue to affect Norway though it should be largely dry across southern areas. Scattered snow showers also across Sweden pushing on across towards the Baltic States. Mostly dry for Finland.

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